Booger Days

Take out the tissues and the cough drops. It is that time of year. I think the past few weeks I have heard of more than half of my friends mention that their little ones are sick, if not themselves as well. Then the dreaded germs came to visit my poor little Neverly.

My current mission is not just food, but every household product that I use. This includes whatever I use when one of us is sick. It’s actually, not a hard switch for me. I have always been anti-medicine and think that most of it is a bunch of crap. (Shout out to all my medical friends! Sorry.) I would rather suffer through my pain then take anything a doctor gives me.

Good thing for Neverly, I received an AMAZING late Christmas gift from my lovely friend.

woo! hoo!

  • Sidenote: I LOVE late gifts! It’s like whatever celebration that passed is still going on and it never stops. Friends, keep those late gifts coming!

Kiwi is a magazine that gives you all kinds of natural recipes, projects and remedies. Oh, look at the article I found inside!

Someone has been reading my blog...

When my munchkin came down with her booger fever I read up on some remedies they had in the magazine. Then swiftly got myself to my favorite supplier of all-natural medicines, Thyme and Season.

Dr. Sugah at your service

  • Elderberry is nature’s gold! Check it out and read up on the numerous things it can do for your health! (And it tastes like candy!)
  • Eucalyptus is great for congestion. I put a few drops in the baber’s humidifier and overnight she already was sounding so much better!
  • Chamomile. Some of you wouldn’t think to give your baby or young child tea. There isn’t anything wrong with it and it can heal your child’s cough/cold better than Tylenol. (With no side effects, thank you very much!) Add a little squeeze of lemon or honey* to add flavor or sweetness if you have a picky child, it might be easier.

Oh, and by the way, all this stuff is great for adults too!

*Don’t give honey to your baby if they are younger than one years old. If you are a parent, I’m sure you know this, but I ain’t messing around with poisoning cute little munchkins.

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I have been on the search for healthy breakfast foods that are organic, all natural, from grass fed and cage-free animals and so on.


One thing I haven’t been able to do yet is get to the winter farmer’s market in my town. I feel like I will have a more easy feeling about what I am buying once I am there. In the grocery store, I have learned one thing: “All Natural” or “Organic” does not necessarily mean that.

100% Whole Wheat... so there can't be any room for anything else... Right??

So, what % is the rest of all that stuff?!

You have to get to know your product. Which means the dreadful, inevitable RESEARCH. If you have read my posts before or know me well enough you know that all the reading I do is for entertainment. I like me some fiction. But minimal research must be done for the cause. Lord, help me.

Here are some things I found out about milk, (dairy is the staple of my life and ALWAYS included in my breakfast.) First, The Organic Cow:


Sounds great. Looks great. There is one piece to the puzzle that does not fit into the plan. It is in the list of what they feed/how they treat the cows.

“A healthy diet of only certified organic grains and hay”

If you watched Food, Inc. you would know that corn and grain ARE NOT what you feed a cow. I am not going to get into that whole bit, but it made what looked and sounded perfect, not so. Too, bad. The flowers and pretty blue carton were nice. (If you haven’t watched the film yet you REALLY should, check out the trailer I linked on here.)

Stonyfield is the only dairy brand that has so far proven themselves. They are all organic, REALLY. Their cows are grass fed and living in clean natural fields. They also make a banging greek yogurt which has now taken Chobani’s place.

I will continue to buy Stonyfield brand yogurt and milk. The yogurt isn’t priced much different while the milk is killer. I am currently researching the organic brand that BJ’s carries because that will be easier on the wallet. I also need to get to a farmers market to get local, in season, organic fruits. I have always bought organic, cage-free eggs which are not that hard to find.

To complete my everyday breakfast I will have to find granola, bread, and most likely give up my serious need for cereal! WAH!

I have some fun creative food ideas on the way so keep your fingers clicking on here and I promise to try to update more often!

Lesson Learned: Labels Lie.

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Crock Pot Update

I would like you all to know that I have retired the crock pot in the bathroom. It has successfully been making chili and soups that I freeze and have been eating throughout the winter. The frozen goods have come in especially handy when everyone runs for the over crowded grocery store to stock up because of a snowstorm EVERY. OTHER. DAY. UGH.

We don't like the snow very much.

Thanks to my wonderful friend who is always giving and generous, I did not need to go buy a tub to replace the crock pot. She gave us one that she does not use anymore. Yay! This friend of mine is quite the talented chica, (no pun intended, lol), and you should check her out.

Here is Neverly enjoying her new tub!

She loved her duckies!

She loved them so much she turned into a ducky herself!

If you haven’t read about my new food ventures please do so! I have a few friends who might be hopping on the wagon with me, too. You are welcome to join with!

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And so it begins… again…

I have done some soul searching… or I should say belly searching because the search has to do with consumption. And the new plan is slowly taking shape. What I am about to get involved in is a life change more than a diet or a fast. I am pretty much taking a big step to altering the way I do food, and in the long run, every household product that I buy. The reason why it has to be a slow process is only this: I am not P.Diddy.

I do not pour bottles of Cristal at will...

Nor do I have a grill and big diamond earrings...

And I DEFINITELY do not roll up in this!

To live the consumer life that I find ideal you need cash. Lots of cash.

So I am taking baby steps. I am making small changes here and there including cutting back on other things so that my family can live healthy.  One day, I would like us to be living off of locally grown, truly organic food as well as other household products that are not manufactured by large corporations. This might take a lifetime, but I am going to give it a good try.

My friend who also blogs ruined my food eating life helped me start this path by recommending that I watch Food, Inc.. It is a great documentary. Here is one of the trailers:

I advise you to watch it. The visual with the knowledge really helps. (For you Netflix users: you can watch it instantly on there. Oh, Word?! Yes, word.)

I knew almost all of the information in the documentary already. You see, I have a “health freak” gene in me somewhere from my mom. She has been feeding information to me for forever. But I always responded with a, “Oh, Mom, you are crazy. Go eat your lawn mower clippings and I will enjoy my Double Stuffed Oreos.”

What has changed? Well, you can say I am older and wiser. You can say that my mom finally got through to me. But really I believe it came down to two things: my health and my baby.

Insert token cute winter baby picture based solely on the fact that I just mentioned her once.

The junk-food-junkie lifestyle caught up with me and I am feeling like crap. Also, I have a beautiful daughter who I adore. I hate the fact that the people she loves and trusts (I.E. myself, my husband, our family and friends…) will be feeding her garbage. So, I am on a mission to de-garbage our lives. And also risk being hated by all extended family members when I shoot down everything they want to feed us. Here are a few of my future goals:

  • Shop at local farmers markets
  • Start my own garden
  • Jar for winter months
  • Convince my husband to put down the Lucky Charms

For now, I am researching and studying. I thought you were lazy?!, you ask? Oh, I still am… just a little less, you can say. I had a few friends give me some great advice when I asked for it in my other post, but I realized most people just don’t know a lot. So, I am on a mission for knowledge and health. I am also eating what I do have left in my house because I am not about wasting. I will be finishing off my last rounds of evil foods. During this, I will slowly be integrating my new lifestyle one section at a time.

I am starting with breakfast time.

My plans for the current day are as follows…

  1. learning where I can buy healthy breakfast foods,
  2. learning what of those foods are actually healthy and which are just pretending to be,
  3. emptying the house of the breakfast garbage. (By empty, I do mean consume! Frosted Mini Wheats and blueberry pancakes with yummy syrup here I come!)


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I used one of my daughter’s spoons for eating my breakfast today…

… … …

because I had no other spoons…

… … …

because I need to do my dishes… UGH!

Chobani Raspberry

Oh, and I guess no one knows how to help me and my questions from my last post???

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It’s been a while.

Sorry for being a busy holiday/in-between-school-semesters lady. Once again, I will use my excuse of not being a good blogger.

ANYWAYS, if you have followed my sugar free life correctly you should know that I am done with my committed fast. And you are asking, What is she up to now?

I am eating sugar.

And guess what? I feel like crap! Instantly. I had a headache the day after and the tension in my neck and shoulders has increased with every day. I am a mess. And I can already tell my energy level is dropping, while my weight is most likely gaining. (Which was -8 at the end!) Well, how much sugar have you been eating? Oh, you don’t want to know… you do? Okay. ::hangs head::

I must confess, I am not as strong as you may think I am. This is why I started this fast in the first place. I HAVE A SUGAR PROBLEM. No, seriously, I am not exaggerating in the least bit. I have been eating sugar non-stop since I broke my fast. It started when I picked up that first Russell Stovers piece of Christmas chocolate and ended in me eating the WHOLE BOX in the matter of two days. (I gave one piece to my nephew so I didn’t feel so bad about myself.) Also you should add Christmas cookie tins, Chocolate Cherrios, cheesecake and more. Those all started with a “C”. I am a sugar addict. This issue fits in with another issue I have. It’s called All Or Nothing Syndrome. (AONS) I seem to have involuntarily carried this motto with me throughout my whole life. Let me give you some examples…

Jesus Time

I am a Christian. Though I won’t get into my beliefs and such right now, I will say this: it’s a relationship with God. What is it not, you ask? It is not a theology, a reason to pretend that I am better than anyone else or a superficial belief that is not backed up with my actions. I believe it is important to spend time reading and praying everyday. This is something that I do all or nothing. This means I am really good at keeping on top of it or it doesn’t even exist… it’s BAD.


Activities that I enjoy, I have found, either take over my whole life or get forgotten and rusty. Reading: I love to read. If I find a book I love, I will read it and do nothing else! I will ignore everything that is important and just read. The same goes with art, music, dance or any of my creative outlets. I will do them and ignore the world around me OR I will let them sit there to be forgotten and never used.

My keyboard that is under the guest room bed in my parents house... I had to search for a while to take this picture.

You see? I have an “all or nothing” problem with the things I love. I love sugar… so here are some of my thoughts/questions. I do not have any solutions just yet.

1. How an I afford to be sugar free? It is not cheap. And to be honest with you blog readers, my husband and I are not even close to rollin’ in the dough. We have to cut corners and stick tight to our budget to be able to keep up. Raising the amount that we spend on our food is not an option. We barely spend any as it is.

2. How can I have the time to be sugar free? Again with the cooking. I know, I know, but I really don’t have this part of the wife/mommy gene. I started strong with the crock potting, but in the end I would just boil sweet potatoes and eat sugar free pretzels dipped in hummus. And I am foreseeing it to be harder when school starts up again, which is MONDAY! Boooo. I agree, Boo!

3. I still want to enjoy some of my staples, but they have refined sugar in them. I am conflicted with what to do, due to my AONS. Here are my favorites: Multi Grain Cherrios, Chobani yogurt with granola, and Rold Gold Honey Wheat Braided Twists. The things I love aren’t like eating a bag of Skittles. They sound healthy, but really have refined sugar in them that makes me feel like CRAP. Cereal is my biggest issue because I LOVE IT I AM IN LOVE WITH IT I WANT TO MARRY IT and always have. I have not found ONE that doesn’t have sugar in it.

I say these things to ask you, Me?… yes, YOU… what should I do? Do you know any good books, ideas, diets, money/cooking solutions for me? I shall forewarn you that I put minimal effort into this as far as information goes. I am not an informational reader so I probably won’t read anything you advise unless it’s super short and quick. I am in school starting Monday and the only reading I will have time for is the textbook kind. I am a gleaner. I like to take in whatever knowledge you already have, not find it myself! Lazy bum. Hey, now! Watch yourself!

Is that song stuck in your head now???

So, PLEASE. Hook a sista up with some knowledge-filled comments. If I go on like this much longer, I might start looking like the hunch back of Notre Dame.

On a lighter note, my baby girl had an amazing first Christmas! (Just in case you were wondering!) Here are some pictures filled with cuteness for you:

Having fun on her new train from her auntie

Tired out with Daddy after all the parties

Playing in the wreckage

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Sickling mini meal post

It’s that time of year…. flu and cold season. And guess who already has a cold?! Sugar free girl is sick?! Yes, I am. And don’t you be so surprised. Just because I have cut out sugar, does NOT mean in any way shape or form that I am healthy. One step at a time, there, folks.

Wimpy when sick.

In honor of feeling under the weather I volunteered have been forced to make chicken soup crock pot style. I honestly called my mom as soon as I felt under the weather.

I am a neglected child.

She didn’t pick up.

So I called again, and texted her, and cried in another text and called her again.

I could be dead on the side of the road and my own mother doesn’t even care!

But I wasn’t dead, all I wanted was to whine at my mom. Then in return she would make me her yummy chicken soup, bring it over to me and pamper me a little. Is that so much to ask?! Well, normally, my saint of a mother kicks right into gear. Hence my neediness, she feeds into it. BUT she has been busy doing other saintly things. (IE, helping out at a local ministry that houses recovering addicts and the homeless… buying and making them things… doing Christmas errands for her family and friends…)

So she offered to buy me some chicken and then I was left alone to do the cooking.


I don’t even think about dealing with a whole chicken: the bones, the blood and the grossness… BLHECK. Not my sorta thing. It makes this a little bit more technical, but I suffer for the sake of not touching gross, bloody chicken gook. First, I fry chicken thighs in a frying pan, Dish #1. Then I throw carrots (mini ones or frozen pre-cut ones), chicken broth, oregano or italian seasoning, and the fried chicken into the crock pot. Then I cut up an onion and throw it in there too, Dishes #2 & 3, (knife and cutting board). You can add garlic if you aren’t feeling well because garlic is the King of all things that make you feel better. Also, celery can go in, but REALLY, after cutting that onion and frying that chicken I wasn’t about to do anything but sit.

I am missing the housewife gene.

Then you let it cook in the crock pot all day, (the aroma is good enough to make you feel better). And when its ready you boil some orzos, Dishes #4 & 5, (pot and strainer).

Now, this takes time… and dishes… and oil splattering on your favorite blue shirt. Enough things for me to never want to do it again. If you have a non-busy mom and/or gramma that can do this for you LET THEM. And you can tell them that this sick girl over here would love to mooch too.

"Please, sir, can I have some more?"

Now that my crock pot is full with yummy homemade chicken soup, does anyone have an idea what I should wash my child in?!?!

Dish count= too many when I can’t feel my brain

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