Victory, Failure, and A Creative Way To Crock Pot.

So, sugar free life has had it’s ups and downs.

  • Some ups: Feeling super healthy. Becoming aware of refined sugar and its evils. Lots of energy which results in clean dishes, food being cooked and more time to dance with the munchkin. A renewed love for grapefruit… (which also inspired my sweet husband to buy me some fancy shmancy grapefruit spoons!)


  • Some downs: No holiday baking for me (too much temptation). Sitting next to my husband every night as the beautiful smell of chocolate Cherrios fills my nostrils.

So, the big UP, a.k.a. the Victory is that in the past 3 weeks I have lost 5 pounds. Woooo you! Why, thank you very much. No exercise, no portion control and a lot of pasta… imagine if I tried harder? Who knows?!

So for the major down, which I shall label a big, fat FAIL, was when I became weak and gave into refined sugar… YOU ATE SUGAR?! Yes, I am not proud of myself. ::hangs head:: I gave in the other morning. My, (did I mention he was sweet?), husband decided to buy me my most favorite cereal ever the other day thinking, in his sugar eating brain, that I was allowed to eat it.

Now, before I let you in on this epic fail, I will let you know that my friend made fun of me. She has also been trying to do the no sugar route and is doing some pretty sweet stuff you should read about in her blog. Well, anyways, she laughed in my face when I tried to confess my weakness. Let’s just say that my fail had nothing to do with chocolate, ice cream or candy and has the word “MultiGrain” in the title.

evil little grain filled goodness

Want to know the worst part? After I ate them, I felt like CRAP. That’s right. MultiGrain Cherrios are not my friend. Though this is in the category of Failure I have to show you the bright side to this. It showed me how much I really don’t even want to eat refined sugars anymore. My blogger friend has lead me towards a new chapter of sugar freeness that I will talk about another day. But in the end my fail did show me the “light”.

To move on… tonight I found a great way to use the crock pot! I am almost positive that you have never found this idea in any crock pot book or Rachael Ray show. My munchkin has been long overdue for a bath because she has outgrown her infant tub and I haven’t had the time to buy a new one, (see where I am going with this??) So, I pondered on what to use when my crock pot caught the corner of my eye…

hmm, wondering…. let’s try it out…

It's a perfect fit!

She was reeeeeally enjoying herself.

mmm tasty and sugar free!

So, with a successful fit we went ahead with the bath time! Careful now, this gets a little risque…

Cooking in the tub

So, there you have it!

MultiGrain sugar failures

Creative crock pot recipes

Pounds = -5

And the adventure continues…

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3 Responses to Victory, Failure, and A Creative Way To Crock Pot.

  1. HILARIOUS!!! I’m so bringing you a tub today!

  2. The Nev pictures are amazing. Amazing!! I love that girl.

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