Sickling mini meal post

It’s that time of year…. flu and cold season. And guess who already has a cold?! Sugar free girl is sick?! Yes, I am. And don’t you be so surprised. Just because I have cut out sugar, does NOT mean in any way shape or form that I am healthy. One step at a time, there, folks.

Wimpy when sick.

In honor of feeling under the weather I volunteered have been forced to make chicken soup crock pot style. I honestly called my mom as soon as I felt under the weather.

I am a neglected child.

She didn’t pick up.

So I called again, and texted her, and cried in another text and called her again.

I could be dead on the side of the road and my own mother doesn’t even care!

But I wasn’t dead, all I wanted was to whine at my mom. Then in return she would make me her yummy chicken soup, bring it over to me and pamper me a little. Is that so much to ask?! Well, normally, my saint of a mother kicks right into gear. Hence my neediness, she feeds into it. BUT she has been busy doing other saintly things. (IE, helping out at a local ministry that houses recovering addicts and the homeless… buying and making them things… doing Christmas errands for her family and friends…)

So she offered to buy me some chicken and then I was left alone to do the cooking.


I don’t even think about dealing with a whole chicken: the bones, the blood and the grossness… BLHECK. Not my sorta thing. It makes this a little bit more technical, but I suffer for the sake of not touching gross, bloody chicken gook. First, I fry chicken thighs in a frying pan, Dish #1. Then I throw carrots (mini ones or frozen pre-cut ones), chicken broth, oregano or italian seasoning, and the fried chicken into the crock pot. Then I cut up an onion and throw it in there too, Dishes #2 & 3, (knife and cutting board). You can add garlic if you aren’t feeling well because garlic is the King of all things that make you feel better. Also, celery can go in, but REALLY, after cutting that onion and frying that chicken I wasn’t about to do anything but sit.

I am missing the housewife gene.

Then you let it cook in the crock pot all day, (the aroma is good enough to make you feel better). And when its ready you boil some orzos, Dishes #4 & 5, (pot and strainer).

Now, this takes time… and dishes… and oil splattering on your favorite blue shirt. Enough things for me to never want to do it again. If you have a non-busy mom and/or gramma that can do this for you LET THEM. And you can tell them that this sick girl over here would love to mooch too.

"Please, sir, can I have some more?"

Now that my crock pot is full with yummy homemade chicken soup, does anyone have an idea what I should wash my child in?!?!

Dish count= too many when I can’t feel my brain

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