And so it begins… again…

I have done some soul searching… or I should say belly searching because the search has to do with consumption. And the new plan is slowly taking shape. What I am about to get involved in is a life change more than a diet or a fast. I am pretty much taking a big step to altering the way I do food, and in the long run, every household product that I buy. The reason why it has to be a slow process is only this: I am not P.Diddy.

I do not pour bottles of Cristal at will...

Nor do I have a grill and big diamond earrings...

And I DEFINITELY do not roll up in this!

To live the consumer life that I find ideal you need cash. Lots of cash.

So I am taking baby steps. I am making small changes here and there including cutting back on other things so that my family can live healthy.  One day, I would like us to be living off of locally grown, truly organic food as well as other household products that are not manufactured by large corporations. This might take a lifetime, but I am going to give it a good try.

My friend who also blogs ruined my food eating life helped me start this path by recommending that I watch Food, Inc.. It is a great documentary. Here is one of the trailers:

I advise you to watch it. The visual with the knowledge really helps. (For you Netflix users: you can watch it instantly on there. Oh, Word?! Yes, word.)

I knew almost all of the information in the documentary already. You see, I have a “health freak” gene in me somewhere from my mom. She has been feeding information to me for forever. But I always responded with a, “Oh, Mom, you are crazy. Go eat your lawn mower clippings and I will enjoy my Double Stuffed Oreos.”

What has changed? Well, you can say I am older and wiser. You can say that my mom finally got through to me. But really I believe it came down to two things: my health and my baby.

Insert token cute winter baby picture based solely on the fact that I just mentioned her once.

The junk-food-junkie lifestyle caught up with me and I am feeling like crap. Also, I have a beautiful daughter who I adore. I hate the fact that the people she loves and trusts (I.E. myself, my husband, our family and friends…) will be feeding her garbage. So, I am on a mission to de-garbage our lives. And also risk being hated by all extended family members when I shoot down everything they want to feed us. Here are a few of my future goals:

  • Shop at local farmers markets
  • Start my own garden
  • Jar for winter months
  • Convince my husband to put down the Lucky Charms

For now, I am researching and studying. I thought you were lazy?!, you ask? Oh, I still am… just a little less, you can say. I had a few friends give me some great advice when I asked for it in my other post, but I realized most people just don’t know a lot. So, I am on a mission for knowledge and health. I am also eating what I do have left in my house because I am not about wasting. I will be finishing off my last rounds of evil foods. During this, I will slowly be integrating my new lifestyle one section at a time.

I am starting with breakfast time.

My plans for the current day are as follows…

  1. learning where I can buy healthy breakfast foods,
  2. learning what of those foods are actually healthy and which are just pretending to be,
  3. emptying the house of the breakfast garbage. (By empty, I do mean consume! Frosted Mini Wheats and blueberry pancakes with yummy syrup here I come!)


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3 Responses to And so it begins… again…

  1. crystal says:

    sorry for ruining your life. welcome to the other side

  2. SunSet says:

    Linzertorte, making your own granola is super easy if you want to give it a try. It’s cheaper than buying healthy store bought cereal…but still more than Lucky Charms 🙂 Here’s the recipe I’ve been using:

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