Booger Days

Take out the tissues and the cough drops. It is that time of year. I think the past few weeks I have heard of more than half of my friends mention that their little ones are sick, if not themselves as well. Then the dreaded germs came to visit my poor little Neverly.

My current mission is not just food, but every household product that I use. This includes whatever I use when one of us is sick. It’s actually, not a hard switch for me. I have always been anti-medicine and think that most of it is a bunch of crap. (Shout out to all my medical friends! Sorry.) I would rather suffer through my pain then take anything a doctor gives me.

Good thing for Neverly, I received an AMAZING late Christmas gift from my lovely friend.

woo! hoo!

  • Sidenote: IĀ LOVE late gifts! It’s like whatever celebration that passed is still going on and it never stops. Friends, keep those late gifts coming!

Kiwi is a magazine that gives you all kinds of natural recipes, projects and remedies. Oh, look at the article I found inside!

Someone has been reading my blog...

When my munchkin came down with her booger fever I read up on some remedies they had in the magazine. Then swiftly got myself to my favorite supplier of all-natural medicines, Thyme and Season.

Dr. Sugah at your service

  • Elderberry is nature’s gold! Check it out and read up on the numerous things it can do for your health! (And it tastes like candy!)
  • Eucalyptus is great for congestion. I put a few drops in the baber’s humidifier and overnight she already was sounding so much better!
  • Chamomile. Some of you wouldn’t think to give your baby or young child tea. There isn’t anything wrong with it and it can heal your child’s cough/cold better than Tylenol. (With no side effects, thank you very much!) Add a little squeeze of lemon or honey* to add flavor or sweetness if you have a picky child, it might be easier.

Oh, and by the way, all this stuff is great for adults too!

*Don’t give honey to your baby if they are younger than one years old. If you are a parent, I’m sure you know this, but I ain’t messing around with poisoning cute little munchkins.

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2 Responses to Booger Days

  1. erica says:

    i LOVE this…i am totally going to look into this and go get some of these natural remedies next time one of us gets sick!!!!!

  2. crystal says:

    thankyou dr sugar! didn’t know you could give this stuff to babies! great post – i’m tagging it to my blog

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