I have been on the search for healthy breakfast foods that are organic, all natural, from grass fed and cage-free animals and so on.


One thing I haven’t been able to do yet is get to the winter farmer’s market in my town. I feel like I will have a more easy feeling about what I am buying once I am there. In the grocery store, I have learned one thing: “All Natural” or “Organic” does not necessarily mean that.

100% Whole Wheat... so there can't be any room for anything else... Right??

So, what % is the rest of all that stuff?!

You have to get to know your product. Which means the dreadful, inevitable RESEARCH. If you have read my posts before or know me well enough you know that all the reading I do is for entertainment. I like me some fiction. But minimal research must be done for the cause. Lord, help me.

Here are some things I found out about milk, (dairy is the staple of my life and ALWAYS included in my breakfast.) First, The Organic Cow:


Sounds great. Looks great. There is one piece to the puzzle that does not fit into the plan. It is in the list of what they feed/how they treat the cows.

“A healthy diet of only certified organic grains and hay”

If you watched Food, Inc. you would know that corn and grain ARE NOT what you feed a cow. I am not going to get into that whole bit, but it made what looked and sounded perfect, not so. Too, bad. The flowers and pretty blue carton were nice. (If you haven’t watched the film yet you REALLY should, check out the trailer I linked on here.)

Stonyfield is the only dairy brand that has so far proven themselves. They are all organic, REALLY. Their cows are grass fed and living in clean natural fields. They also make a banging greek yogurt which has now taken Chobani’s place.

I will continue to buy Stonyfield brand yogurt and milk. The yogurt isn’t priced much different while the milk is killer. I am currently researching the organic brand that BJ’s carries because that will be easier on the wallet. I also need to get to a farmers market to get local, in season, organic fruits. I have always bought organic, cage-free eggs which are not that hard to find.

To complete my everyday breakfast I will have to find granola, bread, and most likely give up my serious need for cereal! WAH!

I have some fun creative food ideas on the way so keep your fingers clicking on here and I promise to try to update more often!

Lesson Learned: Labels Lie.

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6 Responses to Moo!

  1. Kirby says:

    I can find a list of product that my Weight loss class instructor uses. He only eats organic and all that stuff. If you send me a list of products you are looking into I can ask him and send you a list back and you can start your research off from there. Let me know!

  2. Talia says:

    What about The Farmer’s Cow brand? That’s what I’ve been getting for milk lately. I got the eggs this week too but they’re not cage free. I think the milk/eggs at least say they are not from animals fed growth hormones, so that’s one good thing. Their cookies n cream ice cream is pretty good too. I know it comes from local farms but don’t know about the other things you mentioned. I love Stonyfield cream top yogurt. Is the greek one they make called a different name because I never noticed it. Do you know anything about FAGE yogurt? That’s my other favorite.

  3. erica says:

    LOVE STONYFIELD YOGURT. i eat it almost everyday for breakfast. what about nature’s promise organic chicken and other meat products?

    linds…i am seriously gonna start making my own bread and pasta i think…back to the roots baby! i think we should all move next store to each other and start a farm and take turns tending to the gardens and animals. whatdoyathink?!

    • any chicken at the grocery stores are not good for you… have you watched Food Inc? Most chicken comes from farms that are very unhealthy. they also use ammonia to clean the chicken and most “natural” meats still have some things that are pretty bad done to them. Grass Fed meats are the best and are SUPER expensive… this most likely will be my last transition.

      i also think ezekial bread is gross… some people love it. but it is the only one that i know of that is actually good for you… i am going to get some bread recipes and most likely will start making my own bread.

  4. erica says:

    oooh and u can try ezekiel bread! actually i dunno anything about that bread in terms of what is hidden in the label!

  5. Lauren says:

    Ezekiel bread is However, i think making your own bread is way easier in the wallet seeing as Ezekiel bread goes for $4 a loaf…so if you get a healthy recipe, pass it this way!

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