Victory, Failure, and A Creative Way To Crock Pot.

So, sugar free life has had it’s ups and downs.

  • Some ups: Feeling super healthy. Becoming aware of refined sugar and its evils. Lots of energy which results in clean dishes, food being cooked and more time to dance with the munchkin. A renewed love for grapefruit… (which also inspired my sweet husband to buy me some fancy shmancy grapefruit spoons!)


  • Some downs: No holiday baking for me (too much temptation). Sitting next to my husband every night as the beautiful smell of chocolate Cherrios fills my nostrils.

So, the big UP, a.k.a. the Victory is that in the past 3 weeks I have lost 5 pounds. Woooo you! Why, thank you very much. No exercise, no portion control and a lot of pasta… imagine if I tried harder? Who knows?!

So for the major down, which I shall label a big, fat FAIL, was when I became weak and gave into refined sugar… YOU ATE SUGAR?! Yes, I am not proud of myself. ::hangs head:: I gave in the other morning. My, (did I mention he was sweet?), husband decided to buy me my most favorite cereal ever the other day thinking, in his sugar eating brain, that I was allowed to eat it.

Now, before I let you in on this epic fail, I will let you know that my friend made fun of me. She has also been trying to do the no sugar route and is doing some pretty sweet stuff you should read about in her blog. Well, anyways, she laughed in my face when I tried to confess my weakness. Let’s just say that my fail had nothing to do with chocolate, ice cream or candy and has the word “MultiGrain” in the title.

evil little grain filled goodness

Want to know the worst part? After I ate them, I felt like CRAP. That’s right. MultiGrain Cherrios are not my friend. Though this is in the category of Failure I have to show you the bright side to this. It showed me how much I really don’t even want to eat refined sugars anymore. My blogger friend has lead me towards a new chapter of sugar freeness that I will talk about another day. But in the end my fail did show me the “light”.

To move on… tonight I found a great way to use the crock pot! I am almost positive that you have never found this idea in any crock pot book or Rachael Ray show. My munchkin has been long overdue for a bath because she has outgrown her infant tub and I haven’t had the time to buy a new one, (see where I am going with this??) So, I pondered on what to use when my crock pot caught the corner of my eye…

hmm, wondering…. let’s try it out…

It's a perfect fit!

She was reeeeeally enjoying herself.

mmm tasty and sugar free!

So, with a successful fit we went ahead with the bath time! Careful now, this gets a little risque…

Cooking in the tub

So, there you have it!

MultiGrain sugar failures

Creative crock pot recipes

Pounds = -5

And the adventure continues…

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Time for a mini meal post!

I feel like the hardest meal to try to finagle is breakfast. Think about it…

  • Cereal (even Cherrios have added sugars)
  • Pancakes and Waffles (mmm syrup… drooool)
  • Instant oatmeals (sorry, Mr. Quaker)

And breakfast-related drinks have no hope either…

  • Coffee and Tea (I don’t drink coffee, but if you don’t you drink these two things black or with just regular milk then they don’t make the cut)
  • Juice (this is my constant craving)
  • Hot Cocoa (whiiine)
  • Chai (SOB!)

So unless you want to be frying up bacon and eggs every morning then breakfast is looking like pretty slim pickings. And for those of you who actually have the time to fry bacon and eggs every morning, I shall give you my eyebrows…


Ok, so that’s obviously not me, but wanna switch? You can feed, change, clothe, dance to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with and have one hand on the moving babers all morning. And I shall enjoy my nice cooked breakfast over a good morning read and The Today Show.

I know that it might seem pathetic, but that sounds like a vacation to me.

ANYWAYS! Onto my most popular breakfast meal… Organic Oatmeal.

(psst... you can find it at stop'n'shop!)

This has no sugar in it and is pre-cooked so it only takes 5 minutes!

It is pretty plain by itself, so, to spice it up I add pears or apples, organic applesauce (with no sugar added) or cinnamon.

You just cut up a whole, small fruit. Dish #1 (knife). Throw the water, oatmeal and apples (or other stuff you want to chuck in there), in the pot and stir it a few times while its cooking. Dish #2 & 3 (pot and spoon). Then you eat it up! Dish #4 (bowl).

Simple, quick, yummy and artificial sugar-free.

It's tasty, I swear!

On days where I am SUPER busy, I eat fruit: grapefruit, apples, pears, oranges… and maybe some toast with butter. They actually really do a great job of substituting for all the fakey sugars like Lucky Charms… Yea right. No, I’m serious. My “oh-so-healthy” husband has a stash, and I don’t even take a second glance.

Breakfast dish count= 4

Energy level = 8

Pounds= I haven’t gone to the in-laws in a while and they have the scale…

Headaches= ZERO BABY!

Oh, and my Neverly likes to get in on the sugar-free breakfast time, too.

mmm... apples

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Promises, Promises…

I promised SCARY sugar facts and my point system. Forgive me for being a slacker… It will be easier for you to forgive me because they are coming… right… NOW! Hollaaaaa.

First the points… I would just like you to know that I have already lost two pounds!  This is while I don’t do any exercise, eat all the carbs I want (without added sugar… if it turns into sugar that’s a natural effect) and I don’t have portion control.

I started at 142lbs and now I am at 140lbs.

Wow, you rocked those numbers on the internet? I don’t care if you know my numbers… I don’t even care if I lose a pound actually.

What is your purpose then, you ask? Well, let me remind you, I am here to feel healthier. Leading to the second thing I am tracking, headaches. Before I cut out the sugar, I was getting 3-5 headaches a week… Ready for this update?! (Best one)

Since I have started this sugar fast, I have had no headaches! What whattttt! Stick that in your sugar dish!

Ok, so other than headaches I am keeping up on how energetic I feel from 0-10. Zero being “blah” and Ten being “Energizer Bunny” I have to say that my overall feeling has been a hard 7. Let’s see if it gets any better.

lbs : -2

brainage: 0

energy: 7

Lookin’ pretty good. Now onto…..

pretty isn't it? ... deceptive ...

So, some things you should know about your “friend” Sugar:

First of all, Sugar has been making a whole lot more friends lately…

  • Today, an average American consumes 2-3 pounds of sugar each week.  While at the end of the 19th century (1887-1890), the average American consumed only 5 lbs. per year. Over the last 20 years, sugar consumption in the U.S. has increased from 26 pounds to 135 lbs. of sugar per person per year.

U.S.A. “United Sugar Addicts” (I know, I am so creative.)

Some health issues that not-so-friendly-looking Sugar can cause…

  • Simple sugars have been documented to contribute to and/or aggravate health problems, including: asthma, mood disorders, mental illness, nervous disorders, diabetes, heart disease, gallstones, hypertension, and arthritis.


Lastly, Did you say CANCER? Well, no, not yet, but I am about to… glucose and fructose are one of Cancer’s favorite foods…

  • Turns out that cancer’s preferred fuel is none other than glucose and fructose. (aka Sugar) Controlling one’s blood-glucose levels through diet, exercise, supplements, meditation and prescription drugs – when necessary – can be extremely important to a cancer treatment program. When researchers at the University of California Los Angeles studied two sugars, glucose and fructose, they found a big difference in the way tumor cells reacted. And their findings may help explain why previous studies have linked an oft-times deadly cancer (pancreatic cancer) to fructose.

So repeat after me… “Sugar is not my friend. Sugar is the enemy. I will walk away from the candy bar.” Go ahead, walk away…. you can do it!

dang it

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Mini Meal Post

Baby, it’s CHILI outsiiiiide!

I told you all I would love on my crock pot… and oh, have I. One of my favorite dishes I have made is chili. There is no real recipe for it, just stick to the regular things you would put in a chili, give or take the stuff you do and don’t enjoy, (you can’t mess up chili very easily).

I loved it so much because chili requires  A LOT of canned items… do you know what this means people?! Canned = no dishes/prep! WOOHOO!!! Party in my kitchen!

do the CAN CAN CAN!

I threw it all in there. With the meat, which I did have to cook in the frying pan (dish #1). Then to add some peppers and onions that I cut up… knife and cutting board (dishes #2 & 3). I let it cook all day with an occasional stir… spoon (dish # 4)… and WHIZBAM! dinner for the night plus a whole lotta meals frozen for when I have no time for even that simple goodness!

Chilly Chili ... ... that was sad...

Add some corn chips with it for a little crunch, maybe some sprinkled cheese and you have a warm, yummy dish to enjoy during this CHILI season… (I know, I can’t help myself.) Dishes #5 & 6, bowls for the chili… we use plastic utensils and paper cups!

Dish count = 6

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I am not a blogger.

I, first off, shall apologize for my non-blogginess. I am NOT a blogger. If you didn’t catch my drift from my first post, I am a busy lady. I have checklists. And my checklists have checklists. I only allow myself a maximum of 3 priorities on those lists, and anything else is a bonus. This is to prevent feeling like a total failure at the end of the day.

It’s a good system.

Blogging has not made my top three … it, honestly, hasn’t even made it on a list. If I had an official spot for it, it would be on my  “Oh, you did that instead of fold the massive pile of laundry that has been sitting there for 2 weeks…tsktsk” list.

ANYWAYS, sugar free life has been grand! I didn’t feel withdrawals at all and I survived the Thanksgiving marathon. I have had a craving here or there, but the lack of sugar in my home and sleeping baby combination has held me back from the sugar binges. LIFE IS GOOD. ( Sleeping baby, for you non-mothers out there, prevents me from being able to drive anywhere for sugar shopping sprees. This has no correlation with the fact that my daughter wakes up all night long.)

Even though I really missed my mom’s homemade pumpkin pie this year, I feel like a million bucks. ALREADY! When I wrote my first post I would have to say that on a scale from 0-10 on the “feeling blah” scale I was a big fat 10. But today I am zero blah and ten on the “feelin’ fly” scale! …(like a G6). I am happy and energetic. No 2:30 feeling here! I also feel like I have had the oompf to tackle things around my house… I EVEN DO MY DISHES… wait for it, waaait for it… EVERYDAY.


Shut the front door, you say? Oh, it’s shut. And I am feeling alive and well, sugar free. So, to all you holiday cookie junkies, I ask, when was the last time you did your dishes?

Probably a minute ago. Oh well. But for me, it’s a miracle!

My checklists and my checklists checklists have been looking a whole lot more “checked” lately. So, to your delicious ginger bread house, I say, Peace out Suckah! And Hello, to my shiny red apple…

Did you know that December 1st is National "Eat A Red Apple Day"?

A mini meal post and scary sugar facts will be coming soon… (as well as those measurements I promised…)

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And so it begins…

I have this tradition, and it usually comes around every year or so, where I [attempt to] stop eating sugar. This is the criteria…

  • I am allowed to have natural sugar… no not cane sugar, what I mean by this is food that naturally has sugar in it. Here are some examples…. fruits, carbs that turn into to sugar.
  • I am NOT allowed to have anything with sugar ADDED in or actual sugar itself. Here is the ongoing list of that… a lot of canned items, cereals, processed foods, (which is pretty much EVERYTHING), mint chocolate chip ice cream, that yummy no-bake jello cheesecake, double chocolate fudge brownies, pumpkin pie with cool whip on top, twizzlers….HOLD UP, what’s that you say? Twizzlers are sugar free? Yes, you are right, but they have something even worse in them which brings me to my next item.
  • I am NOT allowed to have anything with artificial sugar in it. Due to the fact that this ingredient is even worse for you than actual cane sugar itself. This is any item that says “sugar free” on it, which is almost 50% of any main grocery store.

So, those are my guidelines.

There is something different about this time, rather than my past attempts, (which all failed except before my wedding because I refused to be a fatty). This time I am a new mom… I am a new mom AND I am a full time student. There is also a running list of the millions of other things I do attempt at doing, but I won’t get into that. SO, preparing food has become quite difficult.

TRANSLATION… “quite difficult” = I don’t do jack.

I don’t have the time to pour a bowl of cereal let alone chop, mince, dice, cook, saute, whisk, bake, glaze and all the other sorts of Rachael Martha Guy Fieri jazz moves that exist in the kitchen. One other very important factor: I don’t have a dish washer. Cooking makes dirty dishes and I HATE DISHES.

Other great words I found on that fit for hate, if you think it’s too strong a word….

Main Entry: hate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: dislike very strongly
Synonyms: abhor, abominate, allergic to, anathematize, bedisgusted with, be hostile to, 

be loath, bereluctant, be repelled by, be sick of, bear a grudge against,

can’t stand, contemn,cursedeprecatederidedespisedetest,disapprovedisdain,

disfavor, disparage, downon, execrate, feel malice to, have an aversionto,

have enough of, have no use for, loathe, lookdown on, nauseate, not care for,

object to, recoilfrom, scorn, shudder at, shun, spit upon, spurn

With this being said, I don’t cook. And if you don’t cook, what are you eating? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? JUNK. That’s right. And the way I am going, this needs to change if I want to live to see the day where my baby is grown up and has her own babies goes to kindergarten.

Left to do the dishes while mommy is in an oreo comma.

So, some friends of mine (who are just as equally busy) and I are going to crock pot and freeze our way through this holiday season of cookie swaps and pumpkin pie. We chose the crock pot simply because it’s easy, requires minimal dishes and makes some healthy, yummy recipes. We will say “good-bye” to the yummy pumpkin spice drinks at S-bucks and “no, thank you” to our grandma’s yummy holiday dessert recipes.

This is the face I will make at all holiday sugar "ARGH!"

I will also be posting on how I feel, and what physical, mental, and emotional (no chocolate = cranky pants) changes that occur over the next six weeks.

Let’s see how this works out…

(A post with “before” pictures, measurements, weight and sanity points will follow shortly.)

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